consumer behavior of hk people towards ipad (tablets)

consumer behavior of hk people towards ipad (tablets) Dissertation example
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Consumer behaviour of Hong Kong people towards iPad (tablets) Contents Abstract 4 1.Introduction 5 1.1 Research context and background 5 1.2 Purpose and objectives of the research 6 1.3 Research questions 7 2.Literature review 9 2.1 Consumer behaviour – a conceptual overview 9 2.2 Consumer attitudes – theoretical models and framework 12 2.3 Consumer behaviour and attitude formation for tablets and ipads 15 2.4 Research hypothesis 16 2.5 Summary of literature review 17 3.Research Methodology 19 3.1 Research method and approach 19 3.2 Data collection process 20 3.3 Sampling unit 22 3.4 Primary data collection process 22 3.5 Data analysis approach 23 3.6 Validity and reliability issues 24 3.


Organizations like Apple have managed to make a mark for themselves in the industry through the launch of innovative products like iPhones, pads and tablets. The market dynamics are driven by the growing consumer demand for hi-tech products that caters to their hectic schedules and supports multiple functionalities for extended usage. Consumers seek multiple functionalities and utilities in a single device that can provide them with extended connectivity and accessibility to desired applications. While market dynamics are strongly influenced by innovative products and services, the key to successful market presence lies in an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and attitudes that lead to the final purchase of the product. ...
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