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Digital channels and social media NAME: UNIVERSITY: COURSE: TUTOR: DATE: Digital channels refers to modern electronic mediums that are used for communication between people, the list of digital channels includes blogs, social networks, vlogs, podcasts, and webcast communities.


These channels are applied in many fields, for better implementation of techniques and ideas we have in our minds. The best use of digital media is in businesses of different kinds and types. The marketing department of every organization needs these channels in order to maintain their business. Digital channels have become the mean of communication between common man hence the implementation of these channels in your system of organizations is very important. You have to run your market according to needs of your customers; the ways of communication have changed enormously in past few years. When people used to read newspaper and magazines, the print media was top most priority for business organizations but now it has changed according to the trends in societies. Social media is another mean of interaction between people; social media is defined formally as the set of different online technology implements that make people to communicate easily through internet and share their information, ideas, views and resources with people of interest. It includes text, audio, video, images, podcasts, and some others. Different social networks like Facebook, twitter, and blogs are used presently for the convenience in every aspect of life. Social media are differentiated from other old fashioned media in many ways frequency, reach, quality, immediacy, usability, and permanence. ...
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