*controls 1-Implementation milestones. 2-marketing organization. 3-contingency planning.

*controls  1-Implementation milestones.  2-marketing organization.  3-contingency planning. Research Paper example
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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Control of cold and flu 1. Implementation milestones The main goal of this control plan is to outline all the tactics, strategies and programs which will increase on the control of flu and cold in the target market. The company aims at creating an innovative, creative, unique and upscale atmosphere which will different the ColdFlu product from other cold and flu drugs in the market.


There milestones and goals to be met and a business plan which outlines the first three years in details. The milestones are used to map the future success of the organization. Other control goals include reducing the spread of cold and flu by 60% and to provide customers and the market with differentiated cold and flu medication. There is an implementation milestone chart which clearly outlines the key dates that the goals must be met. Each milestone will be assigned to a manager who will oversee its success. The organization will also keep a track of its success and failures by reviewing its actual results versus the planned results. This will be done on a quarterly basis.Milestones Milestone Start date End date Budget Manager Department Advertising(TV) May 2013 June 2013 $700 John marketing Radio May 2013 July 2013 $350 James Customer relationship Newspaper June 2013 August 2013 $500 Cate Customer Happiness The three departments will play a huge role in the implementation of the set milestones 2. Marketing organization Feedback from the customer is very important as it will help the organization to determine its brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand perception. ...
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