Service Experience Diary Report - Mystery Shopper

Service Experience Diary Report - Mystery Shopper Essay example
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Service Experience Diary Diary Report-Mystery Shopper Surname, Name Professor, Institution, Course, Date Executive summary That measure of a product or service provided by a company in order to meet and surpass the customers’ expectations are associated with the level of satisfaction that customer experiences.


I will use eBay with respect to a student project to assert my findings. EBay is an online ecommerce marketplace. It is one of the world’s largest and leading ecommerce companies, offering hundreds of millions of people the chance to buy, sell and pay online. The idea behind the platform is to accelerate the pace at which innovation of commerce moves, long term target; reaching, enabling and sustaining the future of commerce. Shopping has been made much easier and simpler to consumers in a deal that is inclusive of all, a target of hosts from buyers and sellers and merchants to retailers all over the world. The recent decade has had the best of technology, and thanks to it, consumers are in the driving seat with mobile devices being the center of approach, with a target of a staggering $175 billion of commerce globally and $4.7 million in the US (eBay, 2008). EBay is spread across many of the European countries, operations localized in over 30 countries to be precise (eBay: The worlds Online Marketplace, 2010) Customers want simplicity, faster services, quick deliveries and much more. Services offered online guarantee that all these happens. ...
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