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Introduction to services marketing “There is no doubt that if marketing were done perfectly, selling, in the actual sense of the word, would be unnecessary” Peter Drucker Introduction: Marketing of services has attained greater significance over the years, due to globalization and the increasing competition at a global level (Cunningham, Young, Ulaga & Lee, 2004).


It is only through innovation that firms can differentiate their products / services in the market and generate value and relevance for their services or products in the eyes of their target market / segments (Kleinknecht, 2000: 169-186). The development of technology fuelled by a simultaneous development in the field of information and technology, has led to a complete transformation with regard to delivery and execution of various services. It has now, completely revolutionized the manner in which services were executed, and hence widened the scope to product and process the services. The opening of various global economies has further expanded the playing field for various firms, thus further intensifying the competition at a global level. Such changes over the years, have led to a rise in customer expectations, with regard to service delivery, and pressurized the firms to provide better, faster and cost-effective services to their customers, in order to sustain their competitive positioning in the industry (Lovelock, 2008). This paper discusses the various differences between high-contact and low-contact services and explains the manner in which customer experience differs between the two. ...
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