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“IS THERE ONE BEST WAY OF MANAGING CHANGE IN TODAY’S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT?” World has become extremely fast paced in the current time. Due to increased interconnectivity every change in one corner of the world has been affecting the entire world. Example of recent global financial crises best suits to the proposition as the change in the business market in one economy had rippled impact on almost entire economies of the globe.


Accepting the fact that change is inevitable individuals and businesses have directed effort to equip for change management than resisting to retain current status. Change management, simply stating implies efforts and mechanism employed for the meeting the demanding pressures of adaptability from change. Jung (2001) defined change management as transition from one stage of existence to the other. In accordance with Jung (2001) the stage from which the individual and business are attempting to move from can be defined as the state of problem whereas the state to which the efforts are intended to direct the subject is the state of problem solution. Change management is broad domain of study. Change management can be required in the product portfolio, business processes, organisational culture, people, technology, structure and so on so forth (Daft and Marcic, 2006). Each aforementioned sub- domain, though not limited to, has its own expansions. For instance the change management in the technological domain has been among factors that have taken lead in today’s organisational context. ...
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