Strategic issues of Zara

Strategic issues of Zara Essay example
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In-depth analysis of competitive forces and strategic issues of Zara The retail clothing brand Zara is the world most popular fashion brand. It is of considerable importance to highlight the fact that it is the flagship brand for the 2.5 billion pound holding group Inditex, which was founded by Amancio Ortega Ganoa, in the year 1963.


It is interesting to mention that the basic retailing theme that is followed by the flagship brand is highly unique in nature. The brand of Zara largely focuses on the process of providing fashionable retail products of average quality at highly competitive prices to the consumers of the world (Morris, 2013). It needs to be mentioned that the brand of Zara is largely present in various markets around the world. Also, the company has attained tremendously high levels of efficiencies in regards to maintaining the distribution channels as well as managing the logistics and supply chain. It can be said that the efficiency of the supply chain attained by the flagship brand Zara helps in attaining significant advantages related to shorter product lifecycle, shorter turn around and reduced time for production. Thus, it can be said that the logistic and supply chain efficiency can be treated as a pillar of strong point and significant advantage for the company. ...
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