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A marketing strategy outlines the measures that can be implemented in order to achieve the desired goals (Strydom, 2004). This paper outlines the marketing strategy that can be used to attract students to study marketing as a major subject at Qatar University.


This strategy is very effective since it will help to attract more students who may be inspired to join it. The responsible authority ought to use specially designed websites in order to present itself to the general public. Aspiring students can easily access any information about the university from the internet which can make it relatively easy for them to make informed choices. This can also help them to communicate with the responsible authorities so that they can get the information they may require about the institution. Communication is essential since it helps to bridge the gap between the aspiring students and the responsible authorities at the university. Other types of marketing communication strategies such as print media as well as television can also be used to advertise the marketing program offered by the university so as to be able to attract many students. The programs offered by the university can also be categorised into different groups in order to attract students to a particular area of study. In this case, attracting a student to study a marketing degree program as a major requires a holistic approach by the institution. Efforts should be made to portray the strengths of the degree program. For instance, the marketing degree program is unique in that it encompasses courses that are not offered by any other institution in the area. ...
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