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Marketing Plan Name: Institution: Executive Summary Business markets are usually made up of many players and participants, unless when operating as a monopoly. Therefore, businesses need to market their products since; the customers are less than the suppliers.


Monopolists also need to increase awareness of their goods to the market. This is because; if they introduce new products to the market, they will only make it known to the consumers by marketing it. Thus, every business in the economy markets its products and services to the public. In order to market products effectively, a business needs to prepare a marketing plan that will guide it to achieve its objectives. The marketing plan for NCR Company focuses on the way in which it can attract new clients for its services. The plan will analyze the company’s market, its competitive environment and the financial market. The Mission of the marketing plan is to work on diversifying the services offered in order to increase the number of clients served by the company. The company also has a number of goals and objectives that guide it. The company aims at ensuring that the quality of services offered has increased, and the customer base has been improved. In addition, the company also aims at ensuring that customer satisfaction has increased and, that the company’s profits have increased. The industrial analysis of the market can be judged as wide and mostly composed of investors and established people in the market seeking credit offers. The major needs of the market include loans, credit and funds at a lower interest rate. In addition, the market also demands financial advice from the company. ...
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