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Running Head: Marketing Psychology Marketing Psychology [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Marketing Psychology Introduction Consumer culture is an important element of marketing. In today’s competitive environment, it is essential for companies to understand their consumer’s culture.


Consumer Behaviour Consumer behaviour is an important element of consumer culture. In general, it is usually considered as the study of purchasing process i.e. how a person buys products. However, this purchase process study is just a part of definition; it includes other elements, which the following definition explains: “Consumer behaviour reflects the totality of consumer’s decision with respect to the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods, services, activities, experiences, peoples, Ideas by (human) decision making units (over time)” (Wayne & Deborah, 2008, pg. 3). Consumer behaviour includes more than just the way a person buys tangible products; it further includes a consumer use of services, experiences, activities and ideas. Examples would include decision making like attending an event, donation to a particular charity, planning a vacation etc (Wayne & Deborah, 2008, pg. 3). A consumer manner of buying is extremely important to marketers. However, along with it, marketers are also very interested in consumer behaviour related to using and disposing of an offering (Wayne & Deborah, 2008, pg. 4). As Mowen in 1995 defined, “Consumer behaviour as the study of buying units and the exchange process involved in acquiring, consuming and disposing of foods, services, experience and ideas” (Apruebo, 2005, pg. 2). ...
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