Miniscule-Pro-Vision Phone Projector

Miniscule-Pro-Vision Phone Projector Essay example
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The product: The product is a phone projector that enables easy integration of the projector with a wide array of phone models. The phone projector provides convenience in its smaller size and high quality resolution, easier integration and fun media sharing.


There will mainly be two product segments. The first and most strategic product segment will be the one aimed at manufacturers of phone handsets where the projectors are tiny Pico projector chips. The second entail complete phone projectors which are conveniently smaller in size, and easily integrated into a number of specific smartphones that have iOS, Android and RIM operating systems. These products will be built on RGB (Red Green Blue) laser projection technology ad will have the capability of forming high quality images projected on a surface: that is 35 lumen, 13 inch full colour images with WVGA (820 * 480 pixel) resolution, and using an infrared sensing technology be able to project interactive images that are responsive to touch. The Target markets: the company’s phone projector targets two key customers: end-user consumer aged between 20-44 years of age earning an income of ? 40,000 and above per year and delight in media sharing and content consumption in newer enlarged ways. The second and most important and strategic target market for the company will be the mobile handset manufacturers who constantly redefine their gadgets through innovative features that are fun, convenient and revolutionary. ...
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