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U.S Banking Industry Name Institution Banks are financial institutions obligated to receive deposits from various organizations or individual customers or account holders then use such amounts to loan relevant customers. Through economically approved loaning schemes, banks may as well also contribute to the capital market.


However, the U.S banking Industry is faced with some limitations like the 2008 global economic crisis, whose effects are still limiting the industry’s capabilities. Financial crisis as one of the major limitations in the current U.S banking industry can be defined insufficient finances to run ensure banking obligations. It comes in different types, currency crises, implies insufficient currency in a specific region. The banking industry is obliged f to transact in different or foreign currencies which might turn out to be costly. Bank crisis is the situation where a certain baking institution has insufficient funds to loan its customers among other banking obligations. The third type of financial crisis is the twin crisis, which is a combination of currency and bank crisis. Global financial crisis (2007) was a result of both economical and political influences. The political aspect was attributed when the U.S legislators or policy makers through President George W. Bush passed some financial bills, authorizing the U.S banking industry to loan U.S citizens and agencies willing to venture into the real estate business. ...
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