Assignment 2 Time Constrained Test-y

Assignment 2 Time Constrained Test-y Assignment example
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Marketing Name Tutor Institution Course Date Question 2: Reijonen et al (2012:713) suggest, “The elements of market orientation and brand orientation play a significant role in enhancing firm performance.” Critically analyze how SMEs can use brands to develop competitive advantage using examples and relevant literature.


Apparently, the growing SMEs have extensively adopted the market orientation and brand orientation as compared to stable or declining SMEs. The orientations are vital to the process of realizing various forms of growth goals among SMEs in the short run and long run. In particular, the market orientations influence the enterprise’s decisions regarding market choice, production level, and planning. The small and medium enterprises require more information as well as training on issues related to market and brand orientations to support growth (Reijonen 2012). The government through its trade and finance departments, play significant role in making sure all SMEs obtain relevant information about the orientations. In addition, commercial banks, investment banks, and other financial institutions help the enterprises through provision of credit facilities and guidance on feasible investment destinations (Reijonen 2012). The most significant aspect of orientation is developing a comprehensible understanding of how SMEs perceive and put the concept of marketing into practice. The practices of SMES will determine their distinctive size, industry or even the crop of customers. Enterprises have adopted unique policies and practices that have ensure their stability or growth. ...
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