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Identity construction: Name: Institution: Introduction Everyone in the society is a consumer of a form of either product or service at any one time. In consuming such, different people present different tastes and preferences to the products and services a feature, which is key in identity construction.


The body an example of an essential part of humanity that contributes to the development of the relative preferences in people a feature that studies establish validate the claim that it is increasingly becoming a channel for identity constriction. The discussion below relates the claim to a number of theories of personality to determine the role of the body in influencing consumption of products and services in the market (Aaker & Aaker, 2010). Chris Shilling for example in his theory asserts views the body as a project through which he explains the different diversities in people. It is natural that people are different; some of the difference are natural such as gender while others are artificial and people can therefore always manipulate such to fit different scenarios. Chris therefore seeks to investigate the role of these differences in people and the manner in which they affect the consumption of different products and services thereby making different group of people markets to different products and services. Through computation, individuals are markets to different products and services; this implies that any aspect of their life that affects their consumption of the good and services is of essence in tailoring the marketing strategies that the producers of such products and services employ. ...
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