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Developments in the UK market for biscuits & cakes Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Insert Date Introduction Research is an important component of marketing in the contemporary business environment service across cultural based customers.


Although considered as non basic consumption commodities, biscuits and cakes have a huge popularity in the United Kingdom as well as in other parts of the world. There are occasions that the two cannot miss in the menu and therefore they will continue to have a large market. On the other hand, the brand names for these products have also been growing with even more international players joining the fray. As a result, retail chains have to understand the dynamics of the two products to be able to take advantage of their fast moving nature. With competition in the supermarket chains, it is important that our organization specifically understand and implement the best approaches on the sales of the stated products. This report is therefore intended to assist management to make decisions concerning minor adjustments (tactical, short-term) and major changes (strategic, longer-term) to the current product mix. It will analyze the various issues that have majorly stood out on the popular brands of cakes and biscuits in the United Kingdom. The consumers of the available products are also important for this analysis and therefore it is important that the report evaluate the various aspects of consumer market according to the valuable information in the sector. The time frame for this analysis shall be within the last five years. ...
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