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Continuing Marketing Plan BERVET is a Company that mainly deals with manufacture of alcohol. Over a period the company has managed to expand itself in such a way that; it is able to serve more people from different markets. The company mainly aims at meeting the key needs of its customers through alcohol sale.


On the other hand, the company also ensures that its product is of high quality in order for other consumers to purchase its products as opposed to those of the competitors. Therefore, the key product offered is beer. The product has been the key product for the company for a number of years now. However, in order for the company to diversify the number of customers that it serves, it also includes other beverages in order to accommodate customers who might not be comfortable with drinking beer. However, the company manufactures beer only while it outsources the other beverages. The major characteristic of beer is that it requires a large number of raw materials such as sugar and water. Water is one scarce commodity that is very costly to the company since; it is not readily available. In addition, the sales of beer are also characterized by seasonal changes. For instance, the sales are always at peak during end month, and low pick during mid-month. This is due to the fact that; individuals tend to overspend when they have a lot money at their disposal. Beer is also a product that is not easy to market, this is because; it is not every individual in the society who takes beer. The service component that is associated with the product offered by BERVET is mainly entertainment. The company ensures that its customers are well entertained by the drinks that they serve. ...
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