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Sustainable Management Futures Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Scenario 1: Economic Impact of Carbon Emissions Carbon emissions are the main causes of the greenhouse effect, a condition in which gases in the atmosphere absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range (Senge, 2010).


The gases are trapped in the lower parts of the atmosphere thereby causing a blanket that traps the auto-radiated heat of the sun thereby causing the condition many call the global warming. The effects of global warming include a rise in global temperatures, rise in sea levels, and changes in climatic patterns (Senge, 2010). Others are heat waves, droughts, heavy rainfall in some regions, acidification of oceans and other effects related to shifting temperatures. Various studies have been conducted and some economists have been able to quantify the effects in monetary terms even though the results are disputable (Senge, 2010). Economic effects of Global Warming Among the various ways designed to calculate the effect of global warming is the effect of its products i.e. floods, rising sea levels etc. The first major effect is its effect on property and infrastructure. This is caused by factors such as floods, rising sea levels and storms (Senge, 2010, p. 16). These factors destroy roads, bridges, runways and other forms of property and infrastructure. The property destroyed may have cost substantial sums of money to set up therefore destroying it causes a loss to the investors who may be either individuals, companies or the government. The subsequent repairs to be done after the effects may also cost substantial amounts of resources. ...
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