How is the development of hybrid car for the next 5 years in the United Kingdom?

How is the development of hybrid car for the next 5 years in the United Kingdom? Essay example
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How is the Development of Hybrid Car for the Next 5 Years in the United Kingdom? Name of the Student Enrollment no.: Degree Name: The University of Lincoln Date of Submission: 10 May 2013 Word Count: 4000 Abstract This research study aims at identifying the development of hybrid cars in UK in the next 5 years.


It was found that customers see a hopeful future for hybrid cars but there are certain misconceptions due to which hybrid cars are not so popular till now. However, most of the customers are willing to try out hybrid cars in future for fuel efficiency. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Chapter I: INTRODUCTION 5 1.1Background 5 1.2 Research problem 6 1.3 Rational of the Study 7 1.4 Research objective 7 1.5 Research Questions 8 1.6 Outline of the Study 8 Chapter II: LITERATURE REVIEW 9 2.1 Significance of Consumer Behaviour Research in Marketing 9 2.2 Consumer Decision Making Process 9 2.3 Factors Affecting Consumer Decision Making Process 11 2.4 Customer Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 12 2.5 Retail Theories and Strategies 12 2.6 Retail Marketing Mix 13 Chapter III: METHODOLOGY 15 3.1 Research Method 15 3.2 Data Collection Technique 15 3.3 Data Collection Instrument 16 3.4 Ethical Consideration 17 Chapter IV: RESULTS 17 Chapter V: ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION 20 Chapter VI: CONCLUSION 20 References 22 Appendices 25 Appendix: 1 25 Chapter I: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background The turnover of the automobile industry in UK has improved after the recession, as it was around ?41 billion in the year 2009, which has escalated to ?49 billion in the year 2010. However, it was ?50 billion before recession. ...
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