International Advertising Strategy-B&Q

International Advertising Strategy-B&Q Essay example
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Advertising across Cultures Name: Institution: In the modern days, all business organizations are seeking to increase their market size by entering global markets. Marketing managers have realized that domestic markets may not offer the same profitability as compared to advertising globally.


On the other hand, in order for the organization to attract customers from international markets, it must ensure that it markets its products effectively. Effective marketing implies that the organization has to recognize the fact that it is serving different kinds of customers. Marketing in a diverse economy calls for attention on the different cultures that make up the market (Mooij, 2004, 23). Therefore, an organization should consider the different cultures in the market before advertising its products. The business can fulfill this by using the different marketing concepts at hand. For instance, the business may ensure that it understands the ethnic diversity of the people. In addition, the organization could also ensure that it advertises its products in different languages that can be understood by the different customers that it intends to reach. Other concepts that can be used include studying the culture of each targeted community, and customizing the advertisements in order to be applicable to each group of persons (Tian & Borges, 2011, 111). This serves to ensure that the advertisements will not be offending to some communities. This is because; while some of the strategies used in some communities may be applicable to the community, they may be unethical in some other communities. The business should also consider the religion, social norms and values of the people. ...
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