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Branding and International Advertising Name: Institution: Date of submission: Branding is more qualitative rather than quantitative. It could be a sign, a symbol, term, design or name or a combination of them that is intended to distinguish the goods of one manufacturer from those of another manufacturer.


For branding to be efficacious, the wants and the needs of the consumer have to be kept in mind (AAKER, 1993, p. 32). There is a variety of objectives achieved via branding: motivation of the buyer, user loyalty is concreted, credibility is confirmed, the message is delivered clearly, and the target forecasts are connected emotionally. In marketing communication, it is referred to as a foundational piece. The goal for branding is to attain the long-term competitive advantage hence it is both a marketing and financial concept. It is more of a qualitative term rather than the thought of it as being related to the product thus it is immaterial. It is an idea that is altering and translates the tangible to something that is of value. The old notion of marketing involving the product has been outdone by the fact that the brand name has taken over the market. Basically, marketing relies on the brand name. The brand name wins over the loyalty of customers in a market. An illustration: customers who are loyal to products from Unilever are deemed to buy any product as long as the manufacturer is Unilever. This is showed the extent to which the brand name has the effect on the customers and in the marketing sector. ...
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