Emerging Themes in Marketing

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Emerging Themes in Marketing Abstract Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to examine the benefits of innovation in the field of online shopping the study will aim to find out the origin of online retailing and its evolution. The paper also aims to highlight the possible issues and opportunities evident in such a technological evolution and how it can be resolves with the help of innovation.


Independent research has been carried out on topics such as online shopping, its evolution and current scenario, a brief highlight on the online retail industry of UK and the current issues this industry is facing. The literature review also highlights the consumer behaviour and patterns during online shopping. Findings – Apart from an analysis of the benefits of innovation in online shopping, the paper also highlights the benefits and rising issues of online shopping sites. Originality/value –This paper also expands the literature on the various emerging issues in the field of online retailing and recommends strategies to improve the technological and overall innovations in online shopping, creating a better customer experience. Keywords - Online shopping, innovation, retail, sustainable growth, sales. Contents Contents 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Critical review 5 Online Shopping and Changing Retail Environment 6 Consumer Buying Behaviour and Drivers of Online Shopping 7 Online Shopping In UK- Emerging Issues 9 Figure 2- Online Retailing As Percent Of UK Shopping. ...
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