Strategic Brand Management REPORT on Dove in the UK

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Dove Strategic Brand Management Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Dove Strategic Brand Management A brand refers to a name, term, symbol, or any other attribute that distinguishes one seller’s services or goods as distinct from those of other vendors. The legal term for referring to a brand is trademark.


The Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) framework has been intended to assist management during the process of brand-building. According to this model, building strong brands entails four steps, including: (1) ascertaining the proper brand identity, in terms of depth and breadth brand awareness, (2) crafting suitable brand meaning through unique, favorable, and strong brand associations, (3) obtaining positive and accessible brand reactions, and (4) fashioning brand relationships with clients which are characterized by passionate and active loyalty. Achieving the four steps, further involves the establishment of six brand-structuring blocks— brand salience, imagery, judgments, feelings, and resonance. The CBBE model offers a yardstick through which brands can evaluate their progress in their brand-crafting efforts plus acting as a steer for marketing research programs. This report seeks to expound the concept of strategic brand management with special reference to the personal nurturing brand “Dove” and the “Real Beauty Campaign” (Keller 2007). Corporate entity Dove is owned by a conglomerate company known as Unilever – one of the world’s largest corporations dealing with FMCG. ...
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