Analyse the business situation facing from a marketing point of view

Analyse the business situation facing from a marketing point of view Essay example
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Download 0 has creatively exploited segmented market strategy and targeted market that were hitherto either not using airline or were less frequent fliers. Its low cost was comparable to bus and train ticket and therefore was able to attract new segment and establish a niche position in the domestic market.


• It should increase frequency of destination-to-destination flights to maintain its popularity. Specialized short haul flights are increasingly being preferred by people who are frequent fliers. With its low cost strategy, it would attract more small and medium business class.
• As a growth strategy, leveraging partnership across different fields that may complement its wider business objectives is hugely critical issue that needs to be incorporated within its business strategy. Thus, it should forge alliances with hotels, resorts, tour operators and event managers so that it can constantly provide its customers with new ways to benefit and enjoy unique experience. Offering integrated packages would attract more families for vacations and encourage small and medium businesses to take its employees for work-cum relaxation programs.
• It should promote sustainable business practice and introduce attractive offers to its customers which would be able to give them a chance to travel in BA and Comair flights. It could be in terms of number of flights or frequency of fliers to particular destination which would make customers eligible for bonus points that could earn them discount tickets in BA and Comair. This would significantly increase customer database and help it to maintain its competitive advantage. ...
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