Modern marketing techniques

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The consumer behavior researchers reason that the way gender (men and women) are represented in marketing is a critical feature in the overall success of marketing strategies and the respective consumers behavioral reactions.


This imply that consumers are driven by some preconceived ideologies about goods or services and this influences the decision making process by the consumers. Attitude would refer to the ideological conception that exist in one’s mind about the product and which greatly influence the buying habits of the consumer. They sought to study the consumer behavior and the green marketing through special focus on gasoline products. By collecting data through surveys and then analyzing them through regression method, the group found supportive evidence that the consumers’ behaviors have greatly influenced the marketing procedures within the context of gasoline products in that most preference is now banked on the environmental friendly gasoline products. This has therefore the implications that majority of suppliers of the energy products such as the gasoline products are driven to market their products in ways that are most appealing in manners of environmental appeal. This explains the modern branding mechanisms that are adopted by the firms dealing with these products (Singh et al, 2011, p.101). ...
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