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Marketing Professional Practice Contents Contents 2 Recruitment and Selection 3 Ethical Issues in Non-Profit Organizations 4 Social Media for Promotion 5 References 7 Recruitment and Selection A nonprofit organization or an NPO can be described as an organization which is legally constituted and use their excess revenues towards its development and growth instead of distributing dividends.


Thus, it is very evident that since these organizations cater to a wide range of sectors and industries, the manpower should be equally diverse, in terms of their educational and cultural background, experience and social exposure. One of the important criteria for selecting employees will be finding candidates who are service oriented. Their objective is to help the most unattended and unrecognized individuals and groups of the society (Burgos 2013, 23-26). The people working in these organizations should be able to handle and carry on the tasks properly. There is shortage of funds and many times the salaries of employees are delayed. In case of smaller organizations, the problems are more acute. The candidates applying for such an organization should be aware of this issue and should comply with it. Even the chief executives and other senior management teams perform many roles, compared to their peers in bigger and private organizations (Dolnicar; Lazarevski 2009, 280-290). Low packages and even lesser incentives are the common issues which results in low employee morale and high attrition in these organizations. ...
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