Justification of vendor ROI for a major equipment used in radiology

Justification of vendor ROI for a major equipment used in radiology Assignment example
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VARIANCE REPORT INTRODUCTION This report discusses the Linear Particle Accelerator which is also referred to as “Linac.” It is used frequently in the radiology department of hospitals around the world. It is a mode of treatment for curing Cancer. This report is divided into two parts and the first part of the report highlights the factors that are necessary to be considered about the industry while forming a variance report…


COMPANIES SUPPLYING LINEAR ACCELERATOR There are many companies which manufacture or supply the Linear Accelerators. Three companies which are renowned for selling Linear Accelerator are (Medical Expo, n.d): Varian Elekta & Accuray These companies have various products with varying power emission of the linear accelerator. SECTION A PART 1 FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED WHILE WRITING A VARIANCE REPORT Variance report is a method of communicating the performance of the company between the executives. A comparative analysis is conducted by comparing the available set of figures to reach an effective outcome. The sole purpose of the variance analysis is to review the budgetary goals and targets which the company plans to achieve. The management required to review the monthly budget because the expenses of the salaries were higher and the supplies and equipment which were available in the particular department were comparatively lower than the budget breakup. A properly formed variance reports includes the overspending or under-spending trends. ...
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