MKT301 Mod 2 SLP: The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place)

MKT301 Mod 2 SLP: The Marketing Mix: Distribution Channels (Place) Coursework example
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Trident University International MKT301 Spring 2013 Module 2 SLP –THE MARKETING MIX: PRODUCTS AND BRANDS By Terry Austin Dr. Thomas Klein 13 May 2013 1. Competitive strategies Sequrex Security Services In order for the company to outdo its competitors, the following strategies were used Marketing Strategy 1.


Sales Strategy Sales person shall be used to market the service s of the business. The sales people will meet the targeted clients at their premises so as to perform consultations and to create proposal for the provision of security services basing on the customer’s needs. Another sales strategy is carefully listening to objectives and concerns of the clients so as to tailor-make security services that are in line with their needs. The following are some of the targeted clients of Sequrex Security Services As it can be seen, large retailers are the largest targets of the business’ marketing strategies. The company intends to achieve this by putting all the resources that earns more profits. Sequrex Security Services has been facing a lot of competition in service provision. Below is a table that tries to briefly summarize how these companies compete. Low price Reliability Reputation Quality Customer care Rank American shield 1 Prime Securities 2 Fountain Security 3 Ecliareur Security 4 Moonlight Security 5 Rolling Guards 6 Manta security 7 As shown in the table above, the ticked boxes show the strengths of the competitors Services to be provided The services that are provided by Sequrex Security Services include the following: 1. To provide security on entrances and screen employees/guests 2. To discourage any crime with visual presence 3. ...
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