Sustainability Marketing

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Sustainability marketing Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Critical review of literature 3 Evolution of research in area of sustainable marketing 6 Illustrative examples 9 Implications of practice 10 References 12 Introduction Economic growth, globalisation trends and rapid advances in technology have created new avenues for industrial growth, expansion and management concepts.


While economic pressures govern organisational strategies, their social responsibilities have also assumed increased significance. Widespread focus and attention on the issues of corporate social responsibilities and sustainable growth aspects have shaped new governance policies and practices. Such perspectives define the role organisations can play in creating responsible economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities they impact or serve. Several studies and observations made in this context have sparked debates on whether the marketing practices today are suited to an age characterised by environmental deterioration, scarcity of resources, expanding population and growing income disparities. Recent frameworks in this context are shaping innovative marketing practices that are founded on the principles of sustainability. A number of research studies have focused on explaining and exploring the concepts of sustainable marketing. This paper provides a deeper insight into the observations and conclusions provided by these studies and how it has contributed to the evolution of the concept of sustainable marketing practices. ...
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