Marketing Strategy of Aer Lingus

Marketing Strategy of Aer Lingus Assignment example
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In this paper, the researcher will shed light on marketing strategy of renowned Irish airline company Aer Lingus. In the first part, the paper will try to discuss the business portfolio of Aer Lingus while the second part will shed light on segmenting, targeting and positioning of the company.


Conjoint impact of reduction of disposable income of consumers and entry of resource rich international airlines have pushed Aer Lingus to reposition as value carrier. Hence it can be said that, although the problem for Aer Lingus is strategic in nature but the brand can reposition itself with the help of integrated marketing communication strategy. However, let’s try to understand changing macro environmental challenges for Aer Lingus in terms of PESTLE Analysis.
VCCP Blue (2008) has pointed out that Aer Lingus spends only €2 million for implementing its IMC plan which is way below than the industry average of advertising to sales ratio (A/S ratio). Hence it is recommended for the company to increase its advertising position in order to use all channels of communication in effective manner. On the basis of PESTLE analysis, it can be said that the company needs to promote its green initiatives such decreasing the carbon emission in short haul travel, creating greenery in African nations etc in the form of press release. They need to use the print media advertisement in order to release key benefits that can be achieved through merger & acquisition in order to create positive word of mouth regarding the event among customers. Such kind of indirect lobbying also help Aer Lingus in legal proceedings. ...
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