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Name Professor Course Date Introduction Customer acquisition strategy is one of the main plans used by businesspersons to attract and retain customers. It is a strategy that gives a particular business a competitive edge over other rival companies. Quality and price play an important role in the acquisition and retention of customers.


Some of the main factors under this include product, place price, and promotion. Building a strong brand is vital since it has psychological effect on the customers. The perception of customers towards a particular product dictates the number of sales that one will make. Conducting a marketing research before the introduction of a given product becomes vital. It assists a businessperson in obtaining information about the attitudes of individuals towards a particular product. Through a marketing research, one is able to know the strategy with which to approach the market. The introduction of new products in the market faces a number of challenges. This is due to some internal and external factors, which determine the success or failure of businesses. If the employees for instance do not have skills that ensure proper communication with customers, this may lead to increased losses for the company. Customers are retained by the quality of services they receive from a company. It is imperative to note that marketing also plays an important role in acquitision of customers. It is the process through which a business information the customers about the products. In the following discussion, the introduction of iPhone 5 and acquisition of customers will be dealt with. ...
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