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Sustainable Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Critical review of key literature 4 Illustrative examples 10 Implications for practice 12 References 14 Bibliography 16 Introduction Sustainability is one of the main challenges of marketing in the 21st century.


On the other side marketing can contribute in the development and diffusion of sustainable innovations in the form of use of solar energy, organic food, use of renewable energy resources and energy conservation. The main issue related to sustainability marketing is the way by which an organization can develop sustainable products and market those products or services in such a way which would improve the consumer perception as well as well being (Ottman, 1992, p. 301). The present study has been conducted in lieu to analyze the evolution of the concept of "sustainability marketing". The study includes evaluation of the importance of sustainable marketing practices in the modern day business environment. Over the course of study various contemporary researches related the topic of sustainable marketing has been analyzed. Also some of the most popular sustainable marketing practices of some of the modern day companies have been analyzed. The study also looks to explore the implication of the research in the area of sustainable marketing practices. This study is of great significance keeping in mind that there is a paradigm of shift in the consumer behaviour along with the environmental issues such as global warming as presently the customers seem to prefer to be with companies that are providing environment friendly products (Kotler, 2009, p.191). ...
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