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Draw and explain the Basic Communications model and Two step Communications model .The should include explanation about t - Essay Example


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Draw and explain the Basic Communications model and Two step Communications model .The should include explanation about t

In order to transfer an image to the other person the sender must first translate the images in to certain symbols that the receivers can actually understand (Gabriel, and Lang, 1995, p. 229). These symbols are most of the times words; however they could be images, sounds or other sense of information also. The process of transferring the images into symbols is known as the encoding. Once the message has been encoded, the next phase of communication is to transmit the message to the receiver. This phase can be done in various ways such as face to face, written, printed mediums or even through audio visual mediums. When the message is received by the person known as the receiver a decoding process starts. Just like the sender who has to encode the message to initiate the transmission, the receiver also has to interpret the messages and then decode the information sent by the receiver in the form of images, thoughts to emotions that could be understood. In this way the communication process successfully gets completed (Riezebos, 2003, p. 323). Figure 1: Basic Communication Model In the world of marketing and communication the marketers develop promotional material in the form of the promotional mix that includes advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling. Through these elements the messages are conveyed to the marketers through different mediums of communication such as the verbal, printed (newspapers, journals, magazines), audio visual medium (TV, Radio) to the customers

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The communication process involves a sender and a receiver between whom a message is sent and received respectively. This is a general process that applies to any form of message, mode of communication and any type of senders and receivers. Our concern is with using the communication process in an effective way suitable for transmitting marketing messages used for advertising purposes.
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You are required to submit an essay of 750 words describing the Basic Communications model and Two step Communications model by the end of week number 6.The essay should include explanation about the two models and the importance of the same to Marketers
For effective communication to be achieved, the needs of the sender and the receiver must also be met. This paper describes the basic communications model and two step communications model, the importance of the two models to marketers,
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Prentice Hall (Keller, 2012, p.399). Two Step Communications Model The tow step communication model also known as the multistep communication model which was developed based on the studies conducted during the 1940s. These studies stated that the media are actually indirectly developed through the personal influence of the opinion leaders. The two step communication contains the concept of the opinion leaders and the opinion formers. The two step communication model assumes that the ideas flow from mass media to the opinion leaders and from there the message reaches a wider population. This was first introduced by the sociologist Paul Lazarsfeld in the year 1944 and it was later elaborated by Eilhu Katz and Lazarsfield in the year 1955 through various subsequent publications. Figure 2: Two-step Communication Model The opinion formers are the people that have authority and influence over the lives of the people. The opinion formers could be broadcasters, journalists, scientists, politicians to any other people who have been able to develop a certain image of trust and credibility. One example of the opinion formers could be the various shows carried out by the news channels regarding the gadgets or food or restaurants. One prime example of this could be the BBC’s food programme. The advertorials (advertisements designed to look like magazines and newspapers) also seek to take advantage of such phenomenon. In this cases the paid form of the advertisements are made to look like the editorial copies ensure a lot more influence on the customers. The opinion leaders are also influencers. The opinion leaders may not be actual formal experts. The opinion leaders may not provide advice to the customers; but still the customers more likely to follow the opinion leaders as the opinion leaders most of the times belong to the higher social status. An example of this c


Basic Communications model and Two step Communications model Table of Contents Basic Communication Model 3 Two Step Communications Model 4 Difference between the two models 6 References 7 Basic Communication Model Basic Communication Model refers to the communication process between at least two people that starts when one person initiates communication with the other…
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Draw and explain the Basic Communications model and Two step Communications model .The essay should include explanation about t essay example
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