how does a biotic-energy company (from Germany) to entry Thailand's market

how does a biotic-energy company (from Germany) to entry Thailand
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Introduction Culture can influence a business in several ways. Culture is one of the most important obstacles that can affect the co-operation between two countries. In the beginning, culture collisions and language problems are not uncommon1. There should be a negotiator who will handle and control these difficulties in order to satisfy the other part.


Major objective of the study is to provide a research paper in order to explain how a German Biotic-Energy company can enter in the Thailand market. The research will focus on the cultural differences in two countries. Finally, the study will recommend the organization how to develop and practice the business strategies in Thai market to achieve a sustainable growth. German Biotic-Energy Company Culture Analysis Germany is one of the developed European countries. Economically it is the third largest country in the world. German Biotic-Energy Company is trying to enter in the Thai market. Therefore, it is important to conduct a culture analysis of the organization in terms of value, language, decision making custom and religion. Decision making of the German organization is slow and detailed process. The organization tries to engage all the internal stakeholders in the decision making process. The organization does not draw significant conclusions based on the unstructured and spontaneous results. The management of the organization gives respect to all of its stakeholders during the decision making process. The organizational business culture is well defined. The company follows strictly observed organizational hierarchy. The organization follows typical German business culture. ...
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