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Running Head: Literature Review on Marketing Literature Review on Marketing [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Table of Contents Brand 3 Luxury Brand 4 Marketing Communication 5 Communication Strategy for Students 6 Psychology and Marketing 11 Creating Brand Name Loyalty 11 Street Marketing 12 Educational Commercialization 12 Recent Trends 14 Marketing Communication based on Location 14 Increase in Games’ Download 14 Integrated Social Media Advertisements 15 Student Sourcing via Social Media 15 Brand Promoters 15 Assessing Social Media 16 Enhanced Video Sharing 16 Corporate Blogging 16 Television Ads Showing Youngsters 17 Retaining Customer Base 17 References 18 LITERATURE REVIEW ON MAR


Brand A brand is a product, service, or idea that is widely differentiated from other products, services, or ideas so that it can be conveniently communicated and marketed. Brands are generally shielded from use by others by acquiring a trademark from government organization. The goals of a successful brand include conveying the message clearly; verifying the integrity of business; psychologically linking with the target prospects; motivating the customer, and improving consumer loyalty. A powerful brand is priceless as the battle for consumers is increasing gradually (Rice & Atkin, 2012, p. 102). It is vital to invest time in researching, classifying, and developing the brand since it is a foundational part within the marketing communication strategy. Brands let the customer to purchase with assurance, and they offer a route map in a confusing range of alternatives. ...
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