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Social Media Marketing Business Plan Introduction The companies have started to use social media platforms for effective implementation of business plans for marketing of their products. The marketing of products and services of the companies is extremely crucial for the promotion and growth of the business.


The interaction of the users and the communities in social media leads to higher interaction between the groups. The daily updates provided by the businesses on its offerings and discounts could be viewed by the customers using the online platform. Apart from this, the customers could also put up queries on the products and offerings of the business. The customers could exchange their views and share their experiences with each other using the social media network (Barefoot and Szabo, 2009). This leads to further spread of the brand image of the companies which gains further popularity among the communities. Thus social media helps the business to enhance the prospects of marketing the products and services as per the business plan. Proposed research question The research question proposed for this study is “What are the ways in which the companies could effectively implement the business marketing plans using the social media platform?” Objective of the research problem The research question designed for this study has the objective of exploring the different ways that could be adopted by the companies using the social media platforms for marketing their business plans. The various tools and techniques that could be adopted by the companies for marketing the products and services of the company have been identified and analyzed in this research. ...
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