Introduction to people at work

Introduction to people at work Essay example
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The most crucial aspect of the entire job search and job acquisition process lies within given parameters that are meant to work best for the employee. With this, there are different features of a job to consider before coming up with expectations and aspiration as to what one would expect to find from one’s employers and from the job as a whole.


As such, there are factors in this aspect that focus mainly on extrinsic motivation, which is known to be related closely to intrinsic motivation. As a result, there is need to have attention paid to the environment in which I work as an employee following this close-knit relationship, in which offering the right tools for the job to be done should serve as a motivator. This is in addition to presentation of a suitable environment such as lighting and ventilation as depicted by the Maslow hierarchy of needs to eliminate the need for certain things before one can graduate to the next level of productivity (Nader, n.d, p.4). As a result, tools and physical conditions would serve as ate best means of motivation following the need for a highly productive employee. This couples further with making the employer enjoy that which he does as per Taylor’s theory of motivation and this provide perfect motivation to enjoy work (Silver, n.d). In addition, another expectation lies with leadership and hierarchy, which studies have expressed concerns that strategic management is the best way to go when dealing with new employees and developing a company to success. ...
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