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Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course ID Date Hurco: Company Analysis Hurco Inc. specializes in automated machine tools that are required for stand-alone operations in the metal industry. Where there are many producers that are capable of providing such product lines, Hurco has patented blueprint programs that allow its users to design programs according to their own needs.


Hurco Inc. specializes in providing customized automated programs to the metal industry. Their products cover interactive personal computer (PC) based control systems and software to aide their machine tools (“Investors – Corporate Profile”). On the other hand, as other market players, Hurco also offers sale and aftersale service. It is important to note that where other firms in the IT industry offer products compatible with the tools and machinery used by their customers, Hurco Inc. has a primary product line comprising machinery tools meant for the metal industry, and software as a peripheral product. Their products are meant to enhance productivity and efficiency in the operations of their customers by introducing user-friendly automation. Their core competency comprises specialization in microprocessor technology and software meant for machines tools used in the metal industry. In addition, interactive programmable software patented by Hurco allows users of their programs to produce peripheral software that can be either made part of an actual program through blueprints or computer-aided design and ensure speedy production processes without interruption, with maximum efficiency in operations (“Investors – Corporate Profile”). ...
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