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Data Management

There are many forms of DBMS (database management systems) which include such company areas as accounting, human resources and customer support systems. As large organizations generally only needed these types of DBMSs to handle the large amounts of data exchanged and stored, it is now a commonality in many companies, both large and small, and is a fairly standard part of any company's back office system.
Data management is an important aspect of the enterprise server management structure. Through proper and structured management of all corporate data, a company can engage in secure and through using both proper data management tools and IT system tools.
Data management is comprised of a variety of disciplines and the official definition provided by the DAMA (Data Management Association) is that 'data resource management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise". ...
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4) Documents and folders have no common features to them, no one uses metadata on files such as in an Electronic Data management system or properties of Microsoft Office applications such as word, powerpoint, excel etc.
This is a company currently needs overall help on it's data management and to allow more focus on how to keep up with the data management with IT tools currently available in the marketplace…
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