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Brand equity is assets that are linked to a brand's name and symbol that adds to the value provided by a product or service to a firm and the customers of that firm.Those assets are generally brand awareness, loyalty, association with the brand


Brand Equity is the value in the product that is carried through arising out of consumers' choice of that product. Brand image and awareness contribute to the brand equity when consumers have strong belief about that brand and become associated with it as natural and friendly users. Cauvin. blogspot With a view to restore the confidence and trust of UK investors who faced great losses during last credit crisis on account of the sub prime lending and failure of Northern Rock Bank, DREAM HOME fund will been launched in UK for the portfolio of JP Morgan.The main feature of the fund is to invest fund money in govt backed securities and real estate funds in foreign real estate trusts in emerging markets to get security, trust, and good returns. The fund will be of medium duration and enable UK investors to finance their dream homes for their young children when they grow matured. DREAM HOME Investment will position itself in the market to exhibit its strength to park their funds in good and strong portfolio to make it derive good returns with security. The required security will be possible by investments in Municipal bond, other bonds, government securities, gilds. Tax exempt instruments will be preferred. With this view DREAM HOME investment will provide higher interest rate thanks to its investment in high yielding portfolio. Investment in Indian real estate industry, which is thriving now, will provide the image of higher return yielding funds. ...
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