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: An Accomplishment

My parents struggled hard to make ends meet but never allowed their financial problems to have a negative impact on my personal development. As a child I dreamt of becoming an astronaut who would fly across the galaxy helping everyone and anyone who crossed my path. My parents never forced their opinion on me and as I grew up my career interests swayed from astronaut to pilot and by the time I was eighteen I had like many mature adults decided on a career in finance.
It was right after finishing high school that I had a discussion with my parents on what I wanted out of my life. I vividly remember that night like it happened just yesterday. We were watching television when my parents started discussing my future aspirations. My parents were updating me with all the options that were available to me, during which my father also mentioned the army. It was at this very moment (like a sign from God Almighty) that an army recruitment advertisement came on. Maybe it was an emotional moment for me but all I know is that the culmination of that piece of army marketing and my fathers words touched my heart and blew me awayall the way to the military! It was at that very moment that I decided on joining the army. I immediately conveyed my decision to my parents and it wasn't long before I had joined the army.
Joining the army was not the hard part but surviving ...
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Life is a learning experience that seldom ceases to impart wisdom to anyone who is willing to learn. It is this learning that eventually helps an individual accomplish feats that are not only difficult but those that are considered impossible. Take the case of Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb…
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