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view point

It is often seen that individual difference could lead to two people having totally opposing views to a similar topic.
One such incidence is seen in the field of magazines. Some magazines analyse and present topics to their readers only showing or highlighting the external view points, in such a magazine the entire package is one which is a bird eye view of all its internal articles as well. On the other hand there can be another magazine which may address the exact same topics however provides its readers with a more holistic and in depth view of all addressed topics. One such example of the above stated phenomenon is Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Maxim is a total Male magazine. It is considered to be an essential part of what the Man of today would require and answers all Male questions doing so in a witty and yet extremely relevant manner which is appealing to the Male society. It provides information about the latest and greatest tools and gadgets to hit the market. It provides men's fashion tips, sex advice and music and movie reviews. ...
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Wundt gave the theory that perception comprises of several sensory elements but each perceptual experience is distinct from its elements. Thus the sensory capacities compiled together give a new meaning and are not a sensation but a perceptual experience."
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