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Research paper Bachelor

2. This was predominantly media circulated story. It is essential to know that media had been unbiased throughout its reporting and distorting reality had not taken place. It is a fact that more media dependent people become, interaction with other humans lessens proportionately and our understanding of human nature diminishes.
"As media remain a primary information and entertainment source, many scholars express concern that interpersonal discussions about important social topics will continue to decline leading to accelerated civic and social disengagement of the audience members, Wicks (2001, p.5).
4. If in reality, the victim is a prostitute, how could the men be justified in forcing their attention on an unwilling prostitute and it has to be treated as rape, even though it was not violent and here, it was a violent sexual assault, which has no justification. It is wrong to presume that prostitutes do not have morality or lack the power of saying no.
5. Media coverage had been overwhelming. Media can produce mass hysteria, sway people's minds, alter opinions, force accused to be flushed out into open, create awareness and question if incident was isolated. It has to be probed if media had been successful in this case.
7. Presence of two Muslims amongst accused has created a cultural question. ...
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Research on the case could be conducted using minimum number of audience representing various perspectives. Each audience could act as a researcher with personal angles and issues to probe. Methodology depends on use of Critical Discourse Analysis. Techniques are direct set of questions that any researcher could ask.
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