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Research Paper example - Advancements in Nanotechnology

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There is a general agreement in scientific circles that nanoscience and nanotechnology in their close connectedness represent the most modern scientific field. From the academic perspective, nanotechnology and nanoscience study objects…

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Both nanoscience and nanotechnology represent almost perfect fulfillment of contemporary science for a number of reasons. It has continuously been characterized as a "new Frontier" (Barben et al, 2008), an "emerging field", "emergent, highly interdisciplinary field," a "transdisciplinary research front" and a "rigorous scientific field" with "many signs of protodisciplinarity" (Milburn, 2004). It eradicates the limits between research and development and practical application as well as between science and engineering field, having formed at the intersection of several fields in science and engineering. Since the late 1990s nanotechnology has witnessed extensive investment and attention from corporate and governmental sectors as "a linchpin for creating economic wealth and solving a vast number of societal problems" (Barben et al., 2008, p. 982). Nanotechnology and nanoscience united efforts of governments, venture investors, NGOs, and small enterprises.Bainbridge (2004) explained that there are two very different nanotechnology movements in existence today. One is closely tied to chemistry, physics and materials science, based in research institutions and working to create actual technical breakthroughs. The other is based largely in science fiction literature, but has a profound influence on the perspectives of people who are not scientists or engineers ...
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