British Chinese Pupils and Laddism

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This paper is a critical review of Becky Francis and Louis Archer’s study on British Chinese pupils and how they view themselves in relation to the trend of ‘Laddism’. …


This paper is a critical review of Becky Francis and Louis Archer’s study on

British Chinese pupils and how they view themselves in relation to the trend of

‘Laddism’. The construction of ‘Laddism’ is inherently a British phenomenon,

concerning male values and their projection of masculinity as their main ideal, education,

although important is less valued than other pursuits such as sports. ‘Laddism’ in Britain

is a widely accepted phenomenon and lampooned in the media in comedy shows such as

‘Men Behaving Badly’. The term Boffin however, is the exact opposite of ‘Laddism’, if

‘Laddism’ is viewed as boys behaving badly and having a ‘lark’ to embody a masculine

ideal, ‘Boffins’ are studious and hardworking, an American equivalent of ‘geek’ or

‘nerd’. Francis and Archer tries to portray and understand how is it that Chinese pupils

view themselves and also by their peers and how school educators view the concept of

Chinese pupils’ performance in school and their behaviour.

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