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Cultural Texts on the Vietnam War - Book Report/Review Example

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Author : hoegertwila
Book Report/Review
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The only major conflict that the U.S. fought openly during the Cold War era was that in Vietnam, the land that American war veterans love to hate as a swampy marshland. It still lingers in the American psyche, one that is filled with hatred for socialist doctrinaire and acts as a leitmotif in the US' military history as America had the longest fight in its history of occupation and war in Vietnam…

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Cultural Texts on the Vietnam War

Some condemns the long drawn history colonization some attribute it the American external policy of combating communism. Failures are also attributed to the American misunderstanding about the ground realities of Vietnam. Amidst this debate the quandary of the Americans, the guilt and the remorse that originated from the massacres and losses, the final question remains unanswered: for whom did the war serve its purpose Who gained and who lost What weight did the war compel to endure Was it all that necessary The most recurring images of the Vietnam War through most cultural texts since then, however, has been the loss of lives of Americans and the atrocities of the Communists. Bruce Franklin, in his book elaborates on various myths about the Vietnam War, including the existence of American POW/MIA in Vietnamese prisons decades after the war ended. Franklin's book is an apt description of the hypocritical American culture industry that has distorted the history of the Vietnam War, which was the first televised war in the world, in the sense that images of atrocities were telecast by television journalists as much as print journalists reported.
In a sense, the culture industry since the end of the war has served the purpose of official propaganda by the American administration, the latter being ...
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