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Research Paper example - Oral Colonization of Mutans Streptococci in Young Children

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Research Paper
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The aim of this study was to evaluate influence of host and bacterial factors on oral colonization by MS in young children. It was observed during the course of investigation that children acquired MS by horizontal as well as vertical transmission. More than one genotype of the mutans was harbored by the same child and more the mother's level of MS more chances of transmission to child expected…

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Since at both teeth eruptions, the infection rates were highest. Early infection by MS led to more chances with MS colonization and caries experiences and higher numbers in oral cavity. Nonmutans possibly attenuate colonization and infectivity by MS. The paper concludes with suggestions of further studies on MS colonization and also indicates some strategies for its suppression viz. by probiotic treatment and reducing mother's load of oral MS.
Various surveys in many countries indicated presence of a type of dental caries, early childhood caries (ECC). These decays of primary teeth lead to dental abscesses and toothache which often requires anesthesia for treatment. Colonization by mutans streptococci (MS), particularly S. mutans and S. sobrinus, is the major cause of ECC in young children. There are disputes regarding time of entry of oral MS in young children and whether these are part of normal oral microflora or not (Law et al 99). Since colonization by MS could be targeted to relieve young children from experiences of ECC. The paper would critically discuss host and microbial factors important for transmission and colonization of these bacteria. The introduction and subsequent research would focus on:
Materials and Methods: In the course of research paper preparation the microbiological as w ...
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