U.S. Foreign Policy between 1890 and 1912

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The decades in which US became active in its foreign policy was from 1890 to 1920. The major cause for this change was the workers class and the service class people. The internal workers class of US tried to improve its lifestyle by strikes, politics and union activities.


Due to poverty, the women and the children population also entered into the working class and also in each sector of the society from working class to officer class. These are responsible for the government to think about its immigration and foreign policies.

The thought that make most of the people from the worker class disappointed was no credit was given to them for the completion of major projects. Mechanization replaced many skilled workers. The class called THE MANAGERIAL CLASS evolved from the middle class workers who started their own business. Literacy rate was also increasing among these people in search of such jobs that pay more for less duration of work.

All these causes were responsible for workers, farmers and other working class people to think about changes in foreign and immigration policies of United States. This class evolved as Populist Party and put United States into a decade of political turbulence. Women also started taking part in political activities. The farmers were paying high taxes and becoming poor while the big businesses were flourishing. This resulted in the farmers’ class to revolt. ...
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