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Human Resource Management: technology

Others include advances in manufacturing, information technologies, which speed up communication and lower costs, and greater political and social freedom. Manager, consultants and academics are initiators of NFO; however, through effective implementation, managers are facilitators (Ricart, Sieber, Svejenova 1999).
Andrew M. Pettigrew, professor of Strategy and Organisation in the Business School at Warwick University and Silvia Massini, lecturer of Economics and Technology Management at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom agree. However, both suggest that the explanations for organisation change are more in depth than that of the efficiency motives of managers and entrepreneurs. New forms of organising are due to the convergence of economic, technological, informational, industrial and political factors. ...
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Human Resource Management (HRM) involves managing the activities of employees. It is required for staffing an organisation and sustaining high employee performance. HRM ensures that competent employees are identified and selected. It provides employees with up-to-date knowledge and skills and makes certain that the organisation retains competent and high- performing employees who are capable of maintaining high performance…
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