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Case Study
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The text and graphics used for the advertisement were simple,yet formal,which gives a not-so-serious theme to the whole video.The color used for the text gives the impression that the product is something of good quality


However, one of the video's setbacks is that the text and some of the graphics were shown too quickly that some viewers might not be able to read the words.The Bun and Thigh Roller's TV advertisement is obviously intended for women who particularly want to trim down their buns and thighs but do not have the luxury of time for long workouts, and space for larger exercise equipment. To attract the viewers' attention, the video ad made use of bandwagon as a propaganda device, which featured women who apparently have problems with their figures and who, after trying out the product, gave satisfied remarks and reactions. Another attention-drawer is the addition of special effects, which not only clearly explains and demonstrates how the equipment works, but also catches the customer's interest and potential patronization of the product.Being a promotional material for TV, the ad is quite long but is substantial. It has presented the different facts that the customer needs to know, especially when trying to decide about purchasing the product- benefits, advantages, special features, cost, and others. The informational content of the ad has made it effective in introducing the product to the target market. Furthermore, having been able to reach through a wide range of media, the product is provided with more opportunities and choices for gimmicks. ...
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