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Psychology Laboratory Report - Essay Example

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Body-image studies are important to research into psychopathologies such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. A convenient sample of 20 female and male undergraduate psychology students completed an online body-image survey. The survey used the Stunkard Body Shape Scale silhouettes and questions regarding perceived actual and ideal body-images on a 9-point rating scale…

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Psychology Laboratory Report

Perceptions of body image are of research concern for psychopathologies such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia, amongst both women and men (Fallon & Rozin, 2985). Body-image can be defined as a person's self-concept of their physical appearance (Strickland, 2004). Investigation of the sociocultural differences between genders in body image perception is increasing (Fallon & Rozin, 2985). Fallon and Rozin (1985) report that women tend to weigh themselves more often, are more likely to consider themselves as fat, are more likely to be on a diet, and tend to seek medical assistance with weight issues more frequently, as compared to men. These results, state Fallon and Rozin, may be related to women on average being less satisfied with their appearance than men. Further, studies appear to indicate body image perception in general for women and men is focused on issues of weight (Fallon & Rozin, 1985). Fallon and Rozin cite a study by Gray in 1977 that found women were more likely to consider themselves overweight as compared to objective measurements, whereas men were likely to perceive themselves as underweight. ...
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